My favorite shopping spots in Sydney

I love to wander around alone even when I was still studying in Sydney. I have always loved to window shop – most girls do, right? But, I’m not talking about those high-end places with famous mainstream designer brands. I prefer finding things that are not too mainstream. So, here’s a list of some of the places I used to explore to satisfy my (fashion) needs:

1) 100 Squared – Westfield Sydney 

This place is definitely at the top of my list. 100 Squared is where Australia’s emerging designers gets an opportunity to showcase their work. If you love trendy, cult fashion pieces – this is the place you must explore! 

PS. If you love vintage- and retro-inspired pieces, visit their Melbourne locations. What you found in Sydney will be totally different from what you can find in Melbourne.


100 Squared, Westfield Sydney
My favorite store, the place where I bought my bracelets (picture below).
My bracelets from 100 Squared
My bracelets from 100 Squared

2) Queen Victoria Building

You’re a homemaker? You’ll love Victoria’s Basement – a treasure trove of the world’s most famous brands on homewares and giftware with ‘basement’ price.

Antique lovers, this is for you. Kalmar Antiques is named one of the finest jewelry dealers in Sydney. They have some of the finest antique diamond engagement rings as well as antique jewelry and fine modern jewelry, wrist watches, pocket watches and antique clocks, silver, and objet D’art

“Kalmar Antiques, where you can hold a piece of history in your hand”

PS. While you’re in QVB, enjoy the architecture of the historical building, especially during Christmas.

3) Dinosaur Designs 

This is a small store bursting with bright, colorful glass, resin homeware, and jewelry. Everything is handmade, including necklaces, bangles, key rings, plates, dishes, vases, chopsticks and sushi slabs.

PS. They have stores in Singapore as well 

Some of their collection Dream necklaces & pendants.

4) The Rocks & The Rocks Market – George Street

This is a place you cannot miss if you’re ever in Sydney. This is where you will find a variety of quality arts and crafts as well as some interesting collectibles and homeware items. But this market is only open on Saturday and Sunday (10am – 5pm)

PS. They have Friday Foodie Market on Fridays (Duh!) 9am – 3pm. 

Yes, the whole of The (happening) Rocks…I can’t resist most of the shops here either! You can watch old-fashioned rock candy being made, buy one-off jewelry hand-cut from rare opals, Australian authentic Indigenous artifacts. You’ll definitely find something antique, something vintage while you’re strolling along. And, there are festivals from time to time. Oh, if you explore the place, you’ll find Argyle Oracle – meeting place of talented psychics. You can shop or get a personal reading from their professional psychics. 

PS. If I ever go back to Sydney, I will definitely visit Argyle Oracle to get my readings done! 

The Rocks Windmill
The Rocks Windmill

5) St Frock – Pyrmont (they have online store as well)

St Frock is an online boutique carrying local independent labels for female fashion, but they do have a physical store in Pyrmont which I used to stop by once in a while when I was on my way home. Oh, all the clothing and accessories pieces you find there…*drools* My favorite labels from their shop –  Finders Keepers and Mink Pink…and of course, St Frock.

PS. You might see a small dog running around in the store 🙂

Found this playsuit by Finders Keepers.

I don’t own most these photos because I lost my 3-year worth of photos in Sydney to my bloody iPhone last year (I still can’t get over it)

24 thoughts on “My favorite shopping spots in Sydney

  1. Yeah, lovely festival and clothes shop also be there, and sometimes I went to the park because it is very peace…U know we can lay on grass so beautiful since my family and I visited my sister stayed in Sydney. 🙂


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