Outside my comfort zone

The first time I decided to do something extreme wasn’t the bungy jump I did in Macau but it was few years back when I was still in Sydney. My roommate and I decided to go for skydiving. So, we did some Googling and found Skydive the Beach Sydney, the only beach skydive in Sydney.

My first thrill of freefall was 14,000ft directly over North Wollongong beach! Not just the adrenaline but just imagine the view from the top! And the best part is, you don’t need experience! You’ll be connected to a harness attached to one of the instructors. The instructor will be guiding you through the whole jump, from exit through freefall, piloting the canopy, and landing. What more can you ask for your first ultimate thrilling freefall!

PS. They have been operating for over 16 years, so you’re pretty much in good hands. 

My roommate and I purchased the package, took the shuttle van from the city and it took us about an hour to reach there. I’ve always had motion sickness, and the bumpy road to the location just made it worse. But, I arrived without puking in the shuttle van. When we’re there, we’re asked to fill in some insurance forms and the instructors briefed us on what’s going to happen when we’re on the plane to how to land safely. Our one-to-one instructors were a fun bunch, probably to help us get rid of any fear. After everything was done, we took a 20-minute bus ride to the airport. skydiving1

When the plane took off, the nervousness started to kick in. However, at 14,000ft, the incredible view helped to reduce the nervousness because I was myself, looking at the beautiful coast.

This photo doesn’t do the view justice – you need to be there (physically) to see the amazing view.

I was seated somewhere in the middle, pair by pair jumped off the plane and then, it’s my turn. Everything happened so quickly. All I remember was jumping off the plane (okay, I admit the instructor gave me a little push because I was rather tense and kinda babbling to myself), and in an instance, I was free-falling and shrieking screaming for a bit! I don’t remember falling for how long, but I was thrilled. Then, I felt a gentle pull and the parachute was up. The view as we began to descend slowly was breathtaking.


From the puffy white clouds; to the clear blue sky; to the waves splashing against the coast; and the stunning view of Wollongong – I could see everything so clearly.

Shortly after, we landed. 

PS. You’ll get a certificate for completing the dive.

And I couldn’t keep my excitement to  myself – my first free fall and definitely one of my best memories. 

And that, is one damn ✓ off my bucket list. 

Minus the horrible bumpy journey to and from the location (when I threw up in the shuttle van OTW back to city, aiks!), it was a great experience for my first adrenaline-rush free fall. 

Beat your fears, push your personal boundaries and step outside your comfort zone, once you’ve taken the plunge you will feel like you can achieve anything.

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