Found Joy in this Parcel

Received a parcel today and was wondering if I’ve made any purchase recently (I love to shop online and sometimes I can forget about the purchase until weeks later – if I haven’t received by then, but that’s a story for another day). It doesn’t matter, anyway, I have a parcel, yay!

I love ordering things onlinebecause when they arriveit's like a present to me, from me..png

Eagerly tearing off that parcel bag and guess what I found. A red box that says “Find Joy In Every Parcel” from Lazada MY. Apparently, it’s in conjunction with their craziest month-long online shopping event, the Online Revolution Sale (from 11.11.2016 – 12.12.2016).

The theme this year, “Brands for All“, marks Lazada’s evolution into a one-stop shop for Malaysian’s favorite brands.

Unboxing my ‘Parcel of Joy’ and tada!

Lazada Online Revolution Parcel of Joy
Unboxing the Parcel of Joy (there’s even a MILO Ola Bola Bag)


Lazada Tefal Manual Chopper
Tefal Manual Chopper for lazy human like myself 🙂


Lazada Maggi Noodles
The new MAGGI OatMee that I’ve been wanting to try and MAGGI Royale Thai White Seafood Tom Yam (that’ll be in my stomach by the time this post is published)
LAZADA Nestle Cerelac NutriPuffs Lactokid
The new CERELAC NutriPuffs Banana & Strawberry (they’re yummy, btw!) in a pouch.
Lazada mamypoko baby wipes
MamyPoko Baby Wipes – while I don’t have a baby butt to wipe, I heard baby wipes are effective in removing stains from your clothes. To all clumsy people (myself especially), here’s your lifesaver!
Lazada L'Oréal Professional dual stylers
L’Oréal Professional TecniArt Dual Stylers – always love travel-sized items
lazada nescafe white coffee
Nescafe White Coffee Pandan – my mommy gonna love this 😀

Lazada is definitely living up to their theme (Brands for All) with brands we’re all familiar with. Check out their #LZDRevolution calendar below:



lazada online revolution calendar
#LZDMYRevolution Calendar 2016

During this event, Lazada will be dropping offers from international and local brands, as well as exclusive launches of branded items. Lazada Malaysia will also feature promotions from various marketing partners – stand a chance to win free flights from AirAsia Big, special offers from Digi, Maxis, Domino’s Malaysia, Caltex, HSBC, CIMB, TGV Cinemas and Maybank during the 2016 Online Revolution.


lazada online revolution 2016



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