Free Printables to Organize Your Life (and Blog)

It’s that time of the year when everyone tends to talk about their unrealistic resolution(s), goal(s), and plans for their life, blog, work, etc in a new year.

So, this year I decided to get my shit sorted out and since personalised planners are so expensive (at least those I like), I decided to find some DIY inspiration on the net (hint: Pinterest). If I can’t afford to buy one, I can always DIY one. And while I’m riding this wave of inspiration, I thought I’ll share them with you as well…to get your (I mean, my) life & blog started off right.

  1. I’d like to start off with a couple of pretty calendars which gives me the dilemma on which one I should print…>< (click on the images to open up the site)IMG_74591.jpg
    2016-calendar-1509301E.jpg 2016-printable-calendar-weekly-planner-minimalist-monochrome.png 2015-printable-calendar1.png
  2. To all the bloggers out there, here comes your lifesaver – The Ultimate Blog Planner Kitpost-image-1024x784 PS: Check out their simple & stylish blogger templates (for Blogger & Blogspot only) here.        And The ULTIMATE Social Media & Blogging Calendar:screen1-cropped-1024x763.jpgThis is a social media planner with all of those funny little “days of the year” in Digital & Printable Calendar. I’m using this as a reference for my work 🙂
  3. A Personal Planner and To-Do List to keep your life organised: Personal-Planner-Printables.jpg WEEKLY planner via coldhandswarmheartcrafts team-confetti-to-do-free-printable2
  4. To all MIDORI notebooks LOVERS – here are some FREE printables for you: download
  5. …And PASSION PLANNER lovers…this is for youclick+here+copy.jpg

I hope these gives you the inspiration to get your life (and blog) organised. If there are any other FREE stuff you want me to post OR you have more to add to the list, feel free to leave a commentI love free printables! 

cheers to 2016!

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