Being 26 and…

Turning 26 hasn’t really hit me. I guess this is where the saying, “Age is just a number” applies to me, literally. To be honest, I haven’t been feeling like my age for the past few years. Probably because I have not seemed to have achieved something…anything. But looking back the past 25 years, too long, let’s look back at the past 8 years right after I finish high school. 


For the past 8 years, I have been away from home most of the time, for studies and work. The longest time I’ve spent at home was probably 3 months. My parents have always been the type that give us (quite) a lot of freedom, and not too overbearing or putting extreme pressures although once in a while, they do nag (whose Asian parents don’t, right?). I may have that lot of freedom but I know where my limit lies so my parents wouldn’t have to worry so much. Because parents being parents, they’ll worry even after you’re married with kids (what more I’m still single). All I can do is just to lessen it. However, until the last two years, I have been living thinking that my parents will be there for me forever. Until last year when my dad passed away, it hit me. 

I’m growing older, so are my parents. They won’t be here forever, realistically. Make time for your family and loved ones or you might regret not spending enough time with them when they’re gone. 


There are going to be so many people you’ll meet, so many groups of friends that you’ll be with. But, as you grow older, you’ll realize the number of friends you have, don’t matter anymore (at least for me). Being overseas for a couple of years made me realise friends from middle school, high school, college, universities, even your previous workplace; they may or may not be your friends anymore and might have (at most) stayed as acquaintances.

But the people who are meant to stay will stay and everyone else…just wish them well.

I may be introvert, but I’m good with just my small group of friends. Lesser friends equal lesser dramas. I’m busy enough with my own dramas, I don’t think I need more. You know what I’m saying? 

This is a tarot poem I got from an event I went last year. He writes a poem based on the Tarot cards you chose and I love what he wrote.
This tarot reader writes a poem based on the Tarot cards you chose and I love what he has written for my reading.


Life’s treating me so far so good. I won’t say it’s bad, but it’s not that good either. I do question myself, where am I heading now…and if the road ahead is where I want to be at… And till today, I don’t have the answer. Right now, I’m only wandering around and trying out everything (fearlessly) until I find what I really love. 

I guess you could say, I’m simply ‘embracing the journey’.

And until recently, I didn’t know just how blessed I was, like extremely.

Just take a good look around you (or at the internet), you’ll realized you should never take your blessings in life for granted. 

6 thoughts on “Being 26 and…

  1. Happy belated birthday to you. I share many of these same sentiments and as my own birthday rolls around at the end of the month, I too am taking stock of life and how I want mine to turn out.

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