The Limits

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

— T.S. Eliot

One month ago, a friend of mine, Serena, asked me if I’m interested in doing Bungy jump in Macau. Bungy jump was in my bucket list, of course, I’d agree without a second thought. So, Serena went ahead to book our flights and, ta da! we’re going to Macau in one month time.

Macau, besides being famous for its historical sites and casinos, it is also the home to the World’s Highest Commercial Bungy Jump (233m/764ft high). To be honest, just by looking at the number, it’s really not that scary. Hey, I’ve jumped out of the plane at approx. 10,000ft, what’s 764ft compared to that, right? Yeah, that’s what I keep telling myself until I watched video clips of people actually doing it. That’s when the fear kicks in. The rest of the month, then, pass by with not only people around me, but even myself think I’m out of my mind to even do this.

My colleagues and friends told me I’m crazy, asked me why would I pay that amount of money to risk my life. I wonder why, too. Maybe it’s the adrenaline. Maybe I just wanted to cross it off my bucket list. But, I think the biggest reason I went ahead and do it…is that I wanted to test how far can I go or, in this case, how high. 

D-Day finally arrived after torturing my mind for one month. We arrived Macau Tower rather early. We got our passes and went straight up to 61st floor (I think we stopped at the observatory deck before that) where we’re supposed jump off that damn tower. This whole time, I just thought to myself, why am I doing this, again? But, here I am…sigining off my life (yes, you are required to sign off a waiver before you jump). The crew showed us our way to the locker/changing room to change into their exclusive t-shirt (which only jumper will receive) and to leave all your valuables/accessories there. I wanted to jump with my Elmo but they don’t really advise you to bring anything with you, in case you lost it. Yeap, that’s how Elmo got away.

Then, they start to put on the harness on us while joking with us (probably to make you feel less nervous). We’re the first group to jump that day. They, then, went on to weigh everyone. Not sure how it work but I was the second person jump that day (FML) and my friend right after me. Sitting there and waiting for my turn to jump was probably the most nerve-racking moment.
Finally, it was my turn. Walked to the plank while they were hooking/unhooking gears on me. At the same time, the crew made some small talk with me with one of them jokingly told me ‘Goodbye…forever‘. “Thanks, man! You made me feel less nervous, not!” I was so scared that I couldn’t but hold onto the crew’s arm and he told me that the longer I stay up there, it’ll be harder for me to jump.

So, they counted to 3 and *arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*!

Yeap, I jumped, screaming my lungs out, literally while Serena was laughing at me up there. I found out later that day, the crews were surprised with my high pitched scream (but not to worry, no glass were shattered during the scream) and they even told Serena I’m still alive, funny people.

So, I did it. Was the trip worth it? Yes. It worth every single cent because I’ve just jumped from the Macau Tower,  the World’s Highest Bungy Jump, certified by the Guiness World Record. Now, I can brag about it. And this will be my most unforgettable trip so far.

To Serena and AJ Hackett Macau’s friendly and funny crew,

Thanks for the awesome and adrenaline rush-driving experience!

To myself, good job and let’s go further next time!

Everyday…Do Something That Reminds You You’re Still ALIVE!

–AJ Hackett

38 thoughts on “The Limits

    1. After paying that amount of money beforehand, you would think twice before backing out! But, I’m glad I didn’t. You should give it a try. They’re building a new one at Sentosa, about 55m 🙂


    1. I was scaaared at first but after I jumped, I didn’t regret it one bit. They’re building a new one at Sentosa, about 50m. You should really give it a go. Tick that off your bucket list! 🙂


  1. I bungee jumped off a 150 foot crane, and that was PLENTY high for me–the equivalent of a 15-story building. I was also upright, which made it a little less scary. Nothing else like that feeling of falling into a bottomless pit! Congratulations on your brave jump! Love that you have a video keepsake!

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